Who is behind this project?


Association of Business Service Leaders in the Czech Republic (ABSL) represents more than 70 key business services present in the region. Together we work on developing the sector. This also means bringing the career opportunities that our members offer closer to those, who can enjoy them.


CzechInvest, The Business and Investment Development Agency, is an agency of Ministry of Industry and Trade in the Czech Republic. Its main aim is to support existing and new entrepreneurs and foreign investors in the Czech Republic across several sectors. Business Shared Services having added value for Czech economy is one of them. We strive to develop the sector and highlight its importance. Bringing new talents from Europe means continuing growth of the sector.

Who coordinates this project?

ABSL Czech Republic

I know very well what it means to be a foreigner in a new country. But business services backing you up are a real game changer. Great job, international friends, social life and helping hand from the  Day 1! This is why I am making spreading the word about Czech Your Talent my personal misson. 


Czech Republic is not anymore just a manufacturing country and it offers great conditions for BSS companies. On the other side Business Shared Services bring what people used to work in an international environment search for. Its rise perfectly makes sense to me and through this project I want to support it. Moreover, I can confirm that the Czech Republic is a great country to live in!

Our partner business services

Our recruitment partner

My name is Ivan. I have recently started work with SAP as an internal help desk sales support specialist. I found the position listed on jobs.cz by Randstad agency.

Upon applying for that position I was shortlisted by Randstad recruiters and was invited for an initial interview at their premises. I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly, yet professional attitude of Katarina Bartosova, who was my first point of contact with Randstad.

I couldn’t be happier for having had the chance to collaborate with Randstad. Given that I had applied for one position only, I was further proposed and appointed interviews for two more, while most recruiting agencies would only consider one for the position one has applied. What was more to that was that Randstad recruiters would engage throughout the selection process, providing prompt information and guidance before the interviews and perform a follow-up after the interviews.

What convinced me to cooperate and, finally, accept the offer was the professional attitude, the friendly atmosphere and last, but not least, prompt reaction and response on part of Randstad recruiters, rendering them reliable job onboarding assistants one could always trust.